Large DJ PA Hire

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The LARGE DJ PA pack is perfect for DJ / Band set up’s that require some serious sound. ┬áPack includes:

  • 2 X JBL system 1400 double 15 inch speaker with 3 inch horn
  • 2 X RCF double 18 Subs
  • 2 x 3000 watt Amp Rack on castors – Stereo XLR input
  • 5m & 15m speaker cable supplied
  • Castors mounted on the rear of the speaker
  • This system is heavy – approx 95Kg per speaker, amp rack approx 45Kg each – This will not fit in a car, you will require a van or truck to transport this and 2 people to handle the speakers.
  • Suitable for 300 PAX